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IBUMARI is a Hamamatsu based Design Studio.
We have a solid experience across multiple areas such as:

Consumer and professional product design.
Transportation and mobility design.
Interior and exhibition design.
Graphic, Web and Digital interface design.

Multiculturalism and complementarities are the foundations of IBUMARI Design Studio. The studio consists of designers with international experience and diverse backgrounds and expertise to bring original and relevant solutions to the Japanese and international markets.

At IBUMARI Design Studio, we are working for large companies such as Yamaha Corporation but also with smaller ones and start ups. We can adapt our working process to fit exactly the needs of the clients in terms of schedule, research and development and fees.

Achievment and Award

-1st prize in the 5th international design competition (edition 2004): “young designers, looking into the future”. The theme: “Ingenuity, the best use of simple technologies, the simple way to use new technologies”.

-1st prize in the 10th international bicycle design competition IBDC (edition 2005): TRIX, multifunctional tricycle

-Key Between People – Yamaha exhibition for Milano Salone 2008: piano concept for gathering players and audience.

-KDDI au Design Project 2008 – Exhibition in KDDI DESIGNING STUDIO Tokyo: mixing mobile phones and musical instruments

-1st prize in the 2013 Airpatrol Design Competition: control your home from your smart phone.

-Yamaha Design Recipe – Exhibition at the 8th International Design Biennial of Saint Etienne (France) 2013 : Curation and piano concept.

-2nd prize in the 2014 BOXX Future Workstation Design Competition: New workstation flagship.

-1st prize in the 2014 NEC Display Solutions Design Competition: Design a perfect desk and work area for the 'Office of the Future,'

-AHAMAY – Exhibition at the 9th International Design Biennial of Saint Etienne (France) 2015 : Curation of an exhibition gathering Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor

-“OTTO” – Exhibition at the Akino Fuku Art Museum 2021 : Exhibition design and installation.


36-18 Shikatanicho Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi,
Shizuoka prefecture 432-8014
Tel: +81 53 525 8344